Surf perch search: Oregon coast quest continues

With the cooler and overcast winter days in the Willamette Valley, Lou and Nate decided to go get some sun. Those who live in the valley know that our Oregon Coast can have temps easily in the mid 50’s during the winter. We knew that it was a bit early for perch and decided do some “recon” on a beach north of Waldport.

Well, the catching was not the greatest, but we learned a bit on what to look for when searching for perch. We looked for some deep impressions, or drop-offs just past the breakers. We tossed small weighted shrimp patterns. We will have more details as we get closer to spring when those silvery devils begin to come closer to shore.

We got to the beach on outgoing tide and fished low tide. Perch fly anglers must be aware of the continuous wave action and keep a keen eye for rouge waves. Waders, good insulating layers and of course, a rain coat, are a must to chase these fish.

Here’s what the beach looked like going in….

Lou and Nate Perch Search

Here is what it looked like when we left:

Lou and Nate Perch Search

Here is Nate in action amongst the waves, as you can see, it was a very nice day!

Lou and Nate Perch Search

We will attempt another trip there perhaps at high slack. “We shall return!”

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2 Responses to Surf perch search: Oregon coast quest continues

  1. Fat Guy Kyle says:

    Any tips on fishing north western salt? I am going to be in Seattle in Feb. and I haven’t fished salt at all.

  2. Matt Stansberry says:

    I’d say hit up the shops in the area and see what’s going on w/ the puget sound. Looking for rocky jetties, using sinking shooting heads and sparse clouser minnows.

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