One step closer to ling-cod fly rod glory

Sure, he’s a little small. But next time we’re going to catch his big brother.

Newport Ling Cod

Newport Rockfish

Newport Rockfish

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4 Responses to One step closer to ling-cod fly rod glory

  1. Matt Neznanski says:

    What are some of the patterns in that box?
    Looks like a great day at the coast.

  2. Matt Stansberry says:

    The stuff on the right is a bunch of egg sucking leeches I cooked up; on the left is my stash of clousers and a few yak-hair bugs for big ling.

  3. James Mann says:

    Oh man, I never thought of trying the fly on Ling. I have a friend that has fished them for years and he uses a big clump of worms. I never bother fishing them.

    I love my fly rod and would rather use it. I will have to go visit Russell and get him to take me along on his next day out.

  4. Colin says:

    IF you guys are interested in some Ling flies soot me an email I can take a picture of the ones ive tied and let u know what materials I used also. I use these patterns of the newport jetty in Oregon.

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