Switch fly rods: Videos on when and how to use them

Jeff Putnam, Federation of Fly Fishers certified Casting Instructor based in Northern California has put together a series of great high-definition videos on YouTube on how and when to use the new “Switch” Fly rods. Switch rods are a hybrid between a singlehanded rod and a spey rod. An eleven-foot graphite rod is light enough to cast overhand, but long enough to make them work as a spey outfit. The switch rod has become popular for indicator fishermen, mending for drag free drift.

Watch these on the blog, or switch over to YouTube for the High Def versions.

Switch Rod Overview

Switch Rod Casting Techniques

Switch Rod Snap-T Casting and Shoreline and Surf Switch Rod Casting are also available on YouTube.

You can pick up a Switch Rod from Sage, Winston or Redington at CaddisFlyShop.com.

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2 Responses to Switch fly rods: Videos on when and how to use them

  1. Glen says:

    These are excellent, superb videos. Very informative, thank you for posting them up.

  2. callum says:

    the switch rod overview it was hillarious the way he only had the rod in the water and he had trout on the end of it.that will definitly get some sales brilliant videos

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