Spey Rod Sale at The Caddis Fly

Have you been thinking about a new Spey Rod? Do you need to reach across the river and touch someone with your fly? Looking to take your fly casting to the next level? Spey casting has taken off in North America over the past 10 years and for good reason. Line control, casting ease, sink tip lobbing, distance, and fish fighting are just a few of the advantages that Spey casting gives the fly angler.

We are offering some great deals at caddisflyshop.com as 2008 comes to an end.  From Sage we have a couple of classic models, the VT2 13 foot 9 inch 8wt, a great all around rod for virtually all species and the Z-Axis 14′ 3″ 9wt, a big rod for larger rivers, long casts and heavy sink tips.

One of the best values in the Spey world this season is the Dec Hogan series from Echo. Moderate action rods that handle a variety of lines and situations.  Three models to choose from at $199.

Finally the Redington RS4 13′ 3″ # 7wt, a faster action all around rod suited for both Scandi and Skagit style lines and casting techniques.

To learn the art of spey casting pick up a copy of Rio’s Modern Spey Casting DVD. We find the 3 set lengthy DVD the most comprehensive available.

Spey casting has great advantages in achieving distance and control of large flies and sinking lines. Often overlooked is the fact that the spey cast can be used with your single handed trout or steelhead rod. By applying what you learn with the long rod to your single hander, your casting prowess will advance considerably.-CD

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  1. Jeremy Reeder says:

    I talked to Nate today and would like to purchase a Dec Hogan Echo rod. What models are available for the 199 price?

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