Umpqua Steelhead moving upstream

Larry Hansen sent us this photo of an absolute chrome hog wild Umpqua Steelhead. The fish is back in the water and headed upstream. Most of the fish in the lower river near Elkton, Bunch Bar, Sawyers Rapids appear to have moved up river. With the coming rain there will be more fish in the lower river soon, but now it’s time to fish the North Umpqua. The water is in perfect shape and a fish like Larry’s can make your winter.-CD

Umpqua River Hogs Steelhead

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2 Responses to Umpqua Steelhead moving upstream

  1. Cam says:

    Nice lookin fish there!!

  2. Tony Wratney says:

    Hey guys there up river to. Jeff Carr and I [Tony Wratney] fished the north today 1-11-09 for a coulple photos of the five we hooked today go to

    see you on the river Tony

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