Fly fishing for salmon? Try Barrett’s Orange Comet

If you’re serious about fly fishing for salmon in Oregon, check out this pattern from Barrett: An all-orange comet. Barrett ties them on a small glo-bug hook. The short shank and wide gap hooks provide good hooking power, without giving the salmon leverage to work the hook out. Small, bright salmon patterns work great in Oregon’s coastal watersheds. Fresh salmon should be coming into coastal river systems over the next few weeks.

Salmon Comet

Oregon Coast Chinook Fly Fishing

Orange comet salmon pattern:
Hook: C14S Gamakatsu glo-bug hook
Thread: Orange 6/0 Uni Thread
Tail: Orange craft fur, flashabou
Body: Orange chenille
Collar: Orange saddle hackle
Eyes: Orange painted bead chain

For those of you that want to get serious about fly fishing for salmon, The Caddis Fly will be hosting salmon fly fishing guru and biologist Jay Nicholas for a one-evening salmon seminar on Thursday December 11, 6-9PM. Nicholas will go over methods, locations, gear selection and fly tying instruction for chasing Oregon’s salmon on the fly. You won’t want to miss this! The class costs $20 and will be held at the shop. Sign up today at The Caddis Fly.

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