Raising the Ghost — Steelhead rising to dry flies in British Columbia

Team FlyBoys has captured some awesome footage of wild steelhead in Northern British Columbia eating dead drifted green drakes. The guys in the shop have been watching this all week. It’s amazing to see these super-hot, chrome fish acting like trout. Ten fish landed in an hour on dry flies — now that’s fish porn.

Check out the new FlyBoys Blog for more info.

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3 Responses to Raising the Ghost — Steelhead rising to dry flies in British Columbia

  1. cwclifford says:

    Just saw some monster steelhead rising last weekend on the Trinity. I dropped my fly on top of them countless times but the hatch must’ve been just that tasty. It was quite a spectacle watching them go nuts jumping right in front of me for hours! Next time…:)

  2. Fischer says:

    Awesome pictures, and these pictures just show that it is now impossible to hook steelhead on dry fly and that the water does not have to been crystal clear to get them rising. I’ll bet you can get them going for a salmon bomber…


  3. Joe dans says:

    Very nicely done video…getting a steelhead on a dry truly is a dream come true…amazing that their embedded or primary instincts remain like that…they don’t do that here in the east but it would be great if they did…


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