Oregon fly fishing links this week: Salmon-crazy on the Umpqua

Salmon on the lower Umpqua. According to Mike Stahlberg’s blog, there was a really good chinook and coho salmon bite on the lower Umpqua River this week, from the elk-viewing area downstream.

FYI Umpqua regs, Mainstem tidewater to confluence with North and South forks: Harvest up to two adult salmon or steelhead per day, (one of which can be a non-fin clipped adult chinook) and 20 per year (five of which can be non-fin clipped adult chinook per season which apply to the Seasonal Aggregate).

We had some success on those planter coho last year with small yellow clousers on sink tip line:

Upmqua River Coho

McKenzie Fly Fishers declare war on char: Westfly has a report from the McKenzie Fly Fishers’ annual Gold Lake outing — their mission to destroy some char. Great photos. Fish were coming on full sink lines, fast retrieves.

Diamond Lake report: Gary Cartier emailed the following Diamond Lake report — I had a pleasant weekend at Diamond Lake. The wind conditions were perfect; either midge and mayfly hatches most of the day. All the boats seemed to be catching fish, but I released 8 on Saturday and 5 Sunday morning. The best were 5 prime 16” rainbow and the very last trout, a beautiful 18” rainbow. They all fought hard—nice runs . I am going back in a couple weeks.

Bug Art: Jeff at Drawing Flies 365 has been illustrating some of our local favorite fly patterns. Check out his possie bugger and Moorish October Caddis.

Clearcutting Tillamook Headwaters: Bacon To Fry posted some photos and a rant on clear cuts in the Tillamook area headwaters on Buster Wants to Fish.

Fly Fishing Retailer Wrapup: Trout Underground and FlyTalk are offering impressions from the annual Fly Fishing Retailer Expo in Denver. Check them out if you want to see what fly patterns and gear are coming down the pike.

Let’s get it on: Lastly, I got some sweet spawning Spring Chinook photos on the McKenzie last night:

Chinook Spawning McKenzie River

Chinook Spawning McKenzie River

Chinook Spawning McKenzie River

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