Mega Prince fly tying video

By popular demand! The mega prince how-to fly tying video by Barrett. This fly has a lot of moving parts and is a bit of a pain to tie, but it’s worth it. It is the top big trout slayer on the McKenzie and Willamette systems consistently throughout the year.

Mega Prince
Hook: Size 8 TMC 5262
Thread: 6/0 Black Uni-thread
Bead: 5/32″ brass or gold
Antennae: Hareline Barred Crazy Legs Barred Golden Yellow Pearl Flake
Tail: Brown chickabou, legs
Rib: Copper ultra wire
Body: Peacock herl
Hackle: Brown grizzly hen, or Brown Hen Cape
Wing: White goose biots, legs
Dubbing: Peacock Ice Dub

Mega Prince Nymph

Be sure to check out our updated fly tying resource pages: Willamette and McKenzie fly tying library and our new Oregon Steelhead Patterns page. Bookmark these pages as we’ll be updating them regularly.

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3 Responses to Mega Prince fly tying video

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  2. David Swart says:

    I tye a version similiar to this fly,I call the fuzzy prince,I palmer the brown hackle over the body and counter wind gold wire over that,then change the biot wing to sulphur color love both versions keep the good tye’s comming.

  3. Owl Jones says:

    Would it be just as effective to wrap the gold wire in with the herl? Might hide the wire a bit in places, but would speed up the tying of a few dozen of those intricate little guys!

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