Oregon fly fishing links this week

Lots of Oregon fly fishing links this week:

WestFly book reviews
For starters, a couple Oregonians on Westfly have published fly fishing book reviews. Moon Mullen reviewed Fish Food, a book that can help you better understand the animals trout feed on — Baetis to baitfish. And Glenn Zinkus reviews A Passion for Steelhead by Dec Hogan. Zinkus says “If you own only one steelhead book, this should be it.”

Common Waters of Oregon goes Web 2.0
Common Waters of Oregon has re-launched its website as a WordPress blog. Common Waters of Oregon is a membership-based, public benefit, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Oregon rivers as common highways and forever free — a great organization if you like fishing access, fully endorsed by Oregon Fly Fishing Blog. They’ve even gone YouTube:

Oregon blogger on Alaskan fly fishing safari
Bobby Savoy of Mostly Right, Usually was fishing all over Alaska for a month. Check out photos of monster silvers, near-bear disasters and more.

Speaking of Alaska… Pebble Mine measure defeated
Per AP: Alaskans were given an option when voting for an initiative in their primary election: mining or fish. They chose mining. With more than 84% of votes tallied early Wednesday, the measure was declared dead with more than 57% of voters rejecting it. Some fly fishing bloggers say the fat lady has sung: Fishing Jones, BWTF say it’s over. Tom at Trout Underground and Murdock at FlyFishMagazine say we’ve lost a battle, but the war rages on.

Diamond Lake disaster continues
Tui chub, eradicated from Diamond Lake in 2006 are now showing up in nearbly Lemolo Lake, according to the Register-Guard. Scott Lamb, owner of Lemolo Lake Resort, says he has removed about 75,000 chub from the lake since early July, using trap nets. Based on “mark and recapture” rates, he estimates 250,000 tui chub remain in the lake. Lamb says the chubs were flushed through a drainage ditch that was dug to lower the water level in Diamond Lake by eight feet in preparation for treatment, and then down Lake Creek to Lemolo Lake.

As if that weren’t enough, the shiner introduction to Diamond lake was worse than first thought. According to Mike Stahlberg’s blog, a $3,100 reward is being offered information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the illegal release of golden shiners into Diamond Lake.

Orvis putting a “Fly casting course” in Bend
According to the Bend Bulletin: Set to open in mid-October, the proposed Orvis Old Mill Casting Park will challenge fly fishermen to accurately land a fly under various conditions, many modeled after local fishing areas. It’s comparable to golf or sporting clays. Trout Underground says it’s not all bad: After all, is firing a shotgun less “fun” because you’re shooting clays instead of birds? In truth, I’m not 100% sure. The act of casting is central to fly fishing, and perhaps the question revolves around our love of the cast as opposed to our love of the hunt. One thing’s for sure: the Casting Course might be the only place I wouldn’t get a little cranky when someone else hove into view holding a fly rod.

Online fly fishing mags proliferate
Lastly, there are a couple new fancy online fly fishing mags. Catch magazine (with a hot permit photo by Brian O’Keefe on the cover), and Fly Fishing Life. Check them out and let us know what you think.

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