Fly tying video: October Caddis Wet

The October Caddis are already showing up on Oregon’s rivers — it’s time to get ready for this mega-hatch. Barrett shows you how to tie this easy pattern for the October Caddis Wet. This pupae pattern could be the go-to fly for the McKenzie River Two-fly Tournament.

Fall Flies Fishing Oregon

October Caddis Wet:
Hook: Gamakatsu 3761 size 8
Thread: 6/0 Black Uni-thread
Body: Burnt Orange Ultra-chenille
Hackle: Partridge
Wing: Deer hair, natural

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  1. Alan says:

    thanks, I like this simple pattern, but I couldn’t find any reference on the web to a Gamakatsu 3761. Are you sure it isn’t a TMC?

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