McKenzie River Two-Fly Tournament prizes and rules

FYI: These are subject to change! We’re in working mode here, but this is what we’ve come up with.

Mckenzie River Two-Fly Tournament rules
1. Contestants will participate in teams of two, single entrants can be paired up with another angler and make a new fishing partner.
2. The winning team will be determined by total length of the three largest fish landed. Length will be determined by a standard method (either measure net or modified PVC pipe w/ measuring tape, TBD). Digital photos of fish and measurement required.
3. The morning of the tournament, contestants will select two flies to use through the day. The can be fished singly or in tandem. If the two flies are lost the contestant may continue to fish, but the angler’s fish no longer count toward the team’s total length.
4. Leader, fly tackle, and fly fishing methods are all at the discretion of the angler.
5. The guide is the judge in the boat and enforcer of the rules.

TU McKenzie Two-Fly Flyer

McKenzie River Two-Fly Tournament Prizes

  • First prize team wins Winston BiiX rod and Ross Reel combos — ($1800 value).
  • Second prize team wins 2 nights stay for four at a luxury cabin on the Upper McKenzie River, $50 gift certificate to Holiday Farm ($750 value).
  • Third prize team wins two Scientific Angler Sharkskin lines ($200 value).
  • Further details on the McKenzie River Two-Fly Tournament, follow the link. -MS

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