Barrumundi fly fishing report from Thailand

Sun Saeteurn, Caddis Fly customer and U of O grad, is currently living in Thailand. He recently went fly fishing for Barrumundi and sent us the following report:

I went Barrumundi fishing this past weekend at some private ponds right outside of Bangkok. I caught many Barrumundi, as these are the strongest fish pound for pound I have ever fished for. The initial strike is really something else. These fish were laying in “brackish” water, which is a mixture of seawater and fresh water. I was using various rods from a 7-9 weight. We used various saltwater flies with some marabou,hackle, and lead eyes on 1/O and 2/O hooks. We had on 50lb shock tippet with a 10lb class tippet. The fish weighed from 6-11 pounds. The smaller ones tend to be more acrobatic, as they often jumped and splashed. I saw my backing most of the day, which resulted in finger burns and a soar right arm. This was a new fly fishing experience that I will never forget. I highly recommend this to anyone coming to Thailand. I hope you enjoy the photos. Check out the guides link, he was nothing short of first class and truly a legendary fly fishermen.




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