Disappearing rainbow trout on the Upper Deschutes?

An email from our pal Nic Callero from the National Wildlife Federation: I have been drifting the Upper Deschutes River in the summertime for ten straight years between Wickiup Dam and the mouth of the Little Deschutes. One thing I have noticed is that over the past five years or so the absolute dismal showing of rainbow trout. Ten years ago stockers and natives seemed extremely abundant, this year I went whole days without even sniffing a native bow. On the other hand the brown population seems to be thriving. This year I noticed a sign posted by the Sunriver boat ramp asking for anglers to keep track of their rainbow catch and report it to this group who was researching the mysterious disappearing trout. I forgot the name of the group and for the life of me cant find them online. Help please.

Any ideas folks? Have you noticed a change in the trout species distribution on the Upper Deschutes River?

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