State Trout or Steelhead stamp for fishing fly-only waters in Oregon?

I was having a conversation recently with a gear fisherman buddy about Oregon’s fly fishing only waters — places like the Metolius, North Fork Middle Fork Willamette and North Umpqua. He argued that those designations were unfair to folks using gear or bait because we all pay the same amount for license fees. He argues that fly fishermen are getting some of the most pristine water in the state “for free”, while others are excluded. So he has been trying to convince ODFW to require a stamp or fee to fish the fly fishing only waters.

And I think it’s a great idea. For an extra $5-$10 a year, maybe the fly only waters get expanded? Or better enforcement? Or most importantly, funds raised through the sale of trout stamps could go into an account that can be used only for stream habitat restoration (i.e. not hatcheries). Other states have tried trout and salmon stamps, a quick Google search brings up Minnesota and Delaware. The federal duck stamp project has been a huge success.

What’s your take on having an Oregon Trout and Steelhead conservation stamp?

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