“Honey, we need a boat”

Despite continued high flows the Lower Mckenzie River has been fishing very well. I have floated the river the past couple of days and have seen some gorgeous large native rainbows. Green Caddis, Pale Morning Duns and a host of various caddis and mayfly species have been present. Dry fly fishing was good yesterday with Green Mckenzie Caddis size #10. With a bit of wet and unsettled weather today best luck was had on swung wets, possie buggers and hares ear soft hackles.



Huge snow pack and full reservoirs add up to high water. We are not going to see it come down anytime soon. Access is already tough on the Mckenzie without a boat, the high water makes it even tougher. This is the year to bargain for that floating craft, whatever it might be.


The fish on the lower river are in great shape. They have been eating well and are showing superb fitness in the big flows. Water temperatures have reached 50 degrees late in the day the past couple. CD

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