Mckenzie/ Middle Fork Willamette Big Resident Rainbow Competition

 The Caddis Fly is pleased to announce its first annual big rainbow contest.  The contest is for the largest fly caught resident rainbow trout caught while fly fishing in the Mckenzie or Middle Fork Willamette.  This competition is limited to the mainstem Mckenzie River or Middle Fork Willamette (tributaries not included).  The contest shall run from June 1st to September 30th, 2008.  The winner will be announced October 1st.

The winner shall receive one pair of Crystal Series Action Optics winner’s choice of style valued at approximately $189.00.  This is the maximum prize value. The winner’s name shall also be placed on a plaque displayed in the Caddis Fly Angling Shop. The rest of the rules and definitions are laid out below:


Fly-Fishing: Any legal method of taking a fish with a fly as defined in the Oregon Fishing Regulations.

Fly: The definition of a fly is the same as set forth in the Oregon Fishing Regulations.


1.         Contestants shall announce their entrance in the contest by posting a comment to this post. There is no fee for entering the contest.  June 15 is the last day to enter the contest.

2.         Employees of the Caddis Fly as well as regular contributors to the blog are not eligible to win the competition.  Professional guides are also not eligible though clients of professional guides are eligible to win provided the fish is caught on the rod that the client is actively fishing. 

3.         Fish size shall be determined either by the use of a measure net (prefered) or a measuring tape (if using a tape preferably of the flexible seamstress variety).  Fish shall be measured from the shortest point of the fork of the tail to the snout of the fish.  Girth is irrelevant and should not be measured.  In the event of a tie, preference shall be given the fish in the measure net. If there remains a tie the winnng fish shall be determined by a vote of the contest administrators taking into account other relevant factors. 

4.         Evidence of the length of the fish shall consist of a digital photo taken at the time of the capture and shall clearly show the length of the fish.  The fish shall be in the measure net or shall otherwise be measured in the picture. The digital photo should be submitted to,, and within one week of the capture of the fish and should specify: your name; the date caught; the river in which the fish was caught; and, the approximate location.  Oregon Fly Fishing Blog may publish the photo and state in which river the fish was caught and your name but will not reveal the approximate location.

Please handle the fish very carefully!  Try to keep them in or partially in the water as much as possible including during measurement. Take your photo quickly.  We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant for mishandling a fish.  The decision of the judges regarding the winner is final and not subject to appeal.

 Have fun out there and good luck!–KM

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