Fishing continues to improve on the Mckenzie

Fishing was so encouraging on the lower Mckenzie River Sunday I had to get out this Monday as well. We found fewer bugs, the weather was a bit cooler, but fishing was very good. The larger fish on the lower river are really looking up more now. They are recognizing the larger caddis and taking them with “leaping porpoise” type rises. Chasing the bug up to the surface with so much aggression that they fly out of the water.



The day was also designed to do some testing. I just bought a Bauer Rogue 2 Reel and a Sage ZXL 9′ # 5wt Rod, add a Scientific anglers Sharkskin line and you have the perfect Mckenzie Rod. I wanted to test out a new dry fly as well. “The Jimmy Z”, it is a spun deer hair head caddis pattern that I saw in a size #14. I ordered 20 dozen #8’s thinking it would work for our local Green Mckenzie Caddis hatch. The fly was great! While it floats nicely it’s tapered spun deer hair head also dives a bit and pops back up, imitating the diving, egg laying caddis we have on the river currently. It has rubber legs and a red tail both qualities fish have a hard time passing up. Sorry about the photo, low rent light tent in the living room.



The River is higher than normal for this time of year, however it is in great shape. We are in prime time now, as the days warm slightly you will see the big black birds get on the gravel bars looking for the larger caddis, golden stones, little yellow stones, and even a few salmon flies. The fish are with the program as well, you will see fish in faster water, taking more surface imitations as well as nymphs and soft hackles. CD

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