Fly tying video: Little yellow sally traditional

This is a Little Yellow Sally, a yellow stonefly imitation — a great pattern for the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers on summer evenings. If you really want this fly to float high, heavily wrap the hackle. If you want it to lay flat, you can clip the bottom hackles off. You can also tie this fly with a red spot on the back end to represent an egg sac.

Little Yellow Sally (traditional)
Hook: TMC 100 size 16
Thread: Yellow, Uni 8/0
Body: Yellow dubbing
Wing: Bleached elk hair
Hackle: Ginger or cream

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3 Responses to Fly tying video: Little yellow sally traditional

  1. John Snively says:

    Thanks for taking the time to produce this nice video. Archives like this are great for us beginners.

  2. nimrod243 says:

    Great, great, great video. Keep ’em coming. It’s time for me to get beyond the Woolly Buggers, Hare’s Ear and Prince Nymphs I have been relying on forever and sharpen my dry fly skills. These videos are very helpful.

  3. Dennis Darr says:

    Thanks for the great video. I have tied these in the past and they work well on the South Fork of the Snake River where we live in the summer. I have however had a lot of trouble with leader/tippet getting twisted due to the wing, I guess, presenting a airfoil during the casting/false casting/drying motions. Any suggestions for stopping this?

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