Cascade Lakes Fishing Update: Ice off slowly beginning

Had enough of high river levels?   You might consider a few of the ice free Cascade lakes.   Recent reports have indicated lake fishing has been “steady”.   Here is the latest information from Bend Fort Rock Ranger District: 

Lava Lake: open Thursday but snow in some areas.  Snow gate will be moved from Deschutes Bridge to above Lava Lake.

Little Lava Lake:  Open Thursday, snow free

East Lake:  60% of the facilities will open Friday, currently iced over.

Pauline lake:  80% of the facilities will open Friday, ice free.

The road crews are working very hard to plow the Cascades Lakes Highway.  There is still 9-10 feet of snow Cascades Lakes Hwy., no news as to when it will be open

Crane Prairie, Big Cultus, North & South Twin, Little Lava and Wickiup Reservoir, may cure some angler frustration with high river levels.  Flys to consider before you go are: Baby or mini buggers (olive, black, brown), thin mints, leech patterns, and chironomids.  Please be aware that high snow levels still abound for several other lakes which may deny access or at least, difficult conditions. 

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  1. Paul says:

    Very good information on the lakes and what lake are fishable due to the snow levels.

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