Scary water levels in the Willamette drainage

I fished yesterday despite some very high water. Since I took the boat out last night things have jumped another 2000cfs making the Middle Fork of the Willamette¬†flat out scary near 7000 cubic feet per second.¬† The Mckenzie is absolutely roaring, currently over 9000cfs. The optimists view is that we are going to get this snow melt over with in a hurry. If you do go on either one of these rivers today, which I don’t recommend, be very careful. There will be logs and debris flying down the river, possibly creating new hazards, as I saw yesterday.


We did manage some decent fish on nymphs in the “slower” water, what little there was.



Add a little wind, a couple of two fly rigs, a thousand casts and eventually you will get one of these.


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