Tying the Pale Morning Dun (PMD) Sparkle Dun

Fly tying video: The PMD Sparkle Dun was developed in West Yellowstone, Montana by Craig Matthews. The sparkle dun is one of the best overall mayfly patterns ever created. It’s easy to tie and low maintenance.

This is actually one of my favorite videos so far, Chris breaks the thread and still finishes the fly with a series of tiny half hitches.

Pale Morning Dun (PMD) Sparkle Dun
Hook: TMC 100 size 16
Thread:8/0 Uni
Tail: Z-lon shuck, ginger
Wing: Comparadun deer hair
Dubbing: Fine and dry yellow

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5 Responses to Tying the Pale Morning Dun (PMD) Sparkle Dun

  1. Richard Leonard says:

    This fly is also highly recommended for the Mammoth Lakes area through Bridgeport (East Walker river) area in Northern California in the High Sierras.

  2. Jerry Born says:

    I fished with this fly on the Rio Costilla (Northern New Mexico) with excellent results. The cutthroats would not take any other fly. Thanks for supplying this video.


  3. Warren Chan says:

    PMD is responsible for catching so many huge Rainbows and Browns on the Bow river in Calgary, it’s my favorite, next to the Caddis patterns.

  4. Brendan Cushen says:

    @ Richard Leonard… I grew up in Mammoth, and its super small, so it’s funny to see someone comment about fly fishing there. You visit Mammoth much to fish? This fly deff. does the trick on Hot Creek, the Lower and Upper Owens, East Walker, San Joaquin and more.

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