Fly tying video: Stimulator pattern

The yellow stimulator is one of the most popular flies in the West and it’s a great imitator for a Golden Stonefly. It’s got excellent floatation and you can hang a good sized nymph off of this fly. We tie the stimulator for speed and durability. This is a heavily dressed pattern and it fishes all summer long on the Deschutes, McKenzie and Willamette rivers.

Yellow Stimulator Pattern:
Hook: TMC 200R size 6-16
Thread: Yellow or hot orange 8/0
Rib: Yellow thread
Body: Yellow or gold fine and dry dubbing
Hackle: Brown dry fly
Wing: Yearling elk
Thorax: Yellow dubbing, grizzly dry fly hackle

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  1. Tom Cooper says:

    A very well done instructional video. I am a vise collector and would like to know specifically which Dyna-King vise is used in the videos.

    Mahalo nui loa from Koloa Hawaii

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