Sharkskin fly line giveaway winner announced

Many thanks to all those who participated in the Sharkskin fly line giveaway. We appreciate all of your comments on the Sharkskin reviews  as well as other posts. And now for the winner:

Don Dexter can pick up his line at the shop anytime he would like.

In addition I would like to answer a few questions posed with regard to the Sharkskin Fly line.

Longevity: In recent tests the Sharkskin line has been shown to last 2-3 times as long as other lines. These  tests considered cracking, floatation and general wear. Now this line is new, and we don’t have all the testing apparatus that 3m/Scientific Anglers has but so far the line has resisted cracking, collected less dirt, and remained the same color (not darkened in heavily worn spots) like other lines have done under heavy use.

Cleaning: Best to clean the lines with Scientific Anglers fly line cleaner and pad. These lines contain AST which is distributed throughout the line rather than just on the surface. As you wear down the surface you get a new re-conditioned sliker, cleaner surface. Sci-Anglers rough cleaning pad actually roughs the line up to get more AST out.

Dirt Collection: While the micro-replicated surface would appear to collect more dirt in the “valleys” of the surface, it really hasn’t done so. Rather it seems that dirt has a hard time sticking to it. We have had our demo lines out in the parking lot and compared to others, the Sharkskin is much cleaner. And the parking lot is brutal on fly lines.

Trying out the line: Please come by and give the line a run. We have a line on a reel and encourage anglers to take it fishing.

Thanks to all for the positive response to the blog. Special thanks to Matt Stansberry and Karl Mueller for educating me on the ways of the blog. Much more to come.


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