Mckenzie Hatch Mistaken for Blizzard

Back on the sticks and I fished the Mckenzie on Sunday from Harvest Landing down to Armitage Park. Similar to what everyone else observed it was pretty much raining caddis. They were bouncing off my face, hanging out on my sunglasses and all over the boat. Biblical plague proportions.

With all the bugs on the water it was tough to make your fly stand out. I did pick up one fish on top on a #16 peacock caddis. They are definitely starting to key in on these bugs. Unable to compete with the caddis hatch, I stayed low down with two big stones one black, one brown under an indicator. I fished these off gravel bars into the troughs and picked up a couple fish. I had one beast on that broke me off hitting my rig hard in heavy water. It happens. The final tally was six fish, one smolt and five cutthroat. A couple pics:

Lower Mckenzie Cutthroat

Lower Mckenzie Cutthroat

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