Klinkhammer Emerger March Brown

This March Brown pattern sits half in half out. It does a great job of imitating the may fly struggling to break the surface meniscus. The Klinkhammer will fool the pickiest of trout with it’s slim, sparse profile. Best results come by fishing the Klinkhammer dead drift down stream to rising fish during a March Brown hatch.

Klinkhammer Emerger March Brown

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4 Responses to Klinkhammer Emerger March Brown

  1. Lloyd M says:

    Looks like a great pattern, did you post the specific pattern recipe somewhere?

  2. Andrew says:

    does it still have good buoyancy with that copper wire?

  3. I love the traditional Klinkhammer. I will have to try tying som of these up. I wonder if it sits in the foam like the original?

  4. Sean Mooney says:

    I am looking for the original Klinkhammer recipe. I have no idea how old the pattern is so I haven’t a clue where to look other than online. That brought me to you, because I thought the original was just a thread body, but wire would be just as logical as long as it were not heavy guage or the fly would sink. All the best, Sean

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