New trick soft hackle, yellow and purple

New Trick Soft Hackle Yellow:
Most of our western rivers contain Pale Morning Duns and Little Yellow stones. This fly imitates the emergence of both insects, as well as hundreds of others. Fish this one down and across traditional wet fly style or grease the last part of your tippet and fish the soft hackle dead drift to feeding fish. This is fancy version of a classic fly call Partridge and Yellow, the classic is a killer and so is this one.

New trick soft hackle yellow

New Trick Soft Hackle Purple:
Another great soft hackle pattern, fish it using the same techniques as the Yellow/Olive version. Purple has gained favor with western anglers and guides of late. This fly offers traditional qualities of the soft hackle with some flash and purple giving it good attractor and imitator features.

New trick soft hackle purple

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  1. David Swart says:

    I think fly tying adds the final piece of puzzle,it adds to whole flyfishing experience,and allows you to tie and patterns that might not be available to buy,although we need to lay off the head cement it leads to weird and coloful things off the tying vise.

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