March Brown Hatch full blown

Caddis fly guided fly fishing trips on the Mckenzie River near Eugene yielded some nice fish the past couple of days. It was great to see the March Brown Hatch back to full strength.



The river is still a bit high and cold but the fish are hungry for nymphs, emergers and dries. Best patterns on Sunday were Mega Prince, Beldars triple bead Stone black and Copper Johns fished deep. When the hatch came off strong March Brown Sparkle Duns, Spun Duns, and Western March Browns caught fish. Monday we did less nymphing and fished closer to the surface throughout the day. March Brown Beadhead Emergers, Royal Coachman Wets and Possie Buggers swung near the surface were effective.


The Klinkhammer emerger March Brown fooled this Cutthroat during an intense March Brown hatch. There were bugs all over the place and the fish had options, a good sign for this new pattern.


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