Local waters dropping fast, opportunities abound this coming week.

Waters around the Eugene area as well as many coastal streams are dropping fast. Upcoming weather forecasts suggest we are for a good spring trend, not enough precip to blow things up again. This week should bring stronger March Brown hatches, a final push for winter steelhead on the coast and a pleasant beginning to our early spring fishing season. I look for the Mckenzie to be very fishable by Wednesday, maybe sooner. March Browns, Blue Winged Olives, Winter Stones,  and assorted early caddis species should be emerging. Fish will be eager and this years pattern is one that we’ve seen before. Fishing will be very good. Here are a couple of shots of early season fish on dries this season, just before the water went out late this last week. Best patterns have been March Brown Spun Dun and March Brown Sparke Duns.



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