Oklahoman Senator strangles bipartisan supported Oregon Wilderness

For those of you that fish the Elk and Sixes rivers in Southwest Oregon, I’m sure you’ve been following the Sportsmen for Copper-Salmon Wilderness campaign to protect the Elk River’s headwaters. This wilderness proposal has support from both of Oregon’s senators — Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith.  It also has the support of the local chambers of commerce, Governor Kulongoski, the mayor of Port Orford Oregon and a slew of environmental and sportfishing organizations.

So what’s holding this up? Oddly enough, it’s some jackass senator from Oklahoma that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Oregon. Tom Coburn (the guy trying to bring guns into the National Parks against the will of park employees) is strangling Copper-Salmon, and a slew of other wilderness bills in Oregon.

The Register-Guard ran an editorial today, blasting Coburn for holding up popular wilderness bills in Oregon. The Mail Tribune in Medford ran an article about Kulongoski’s efforts to push this legislation forward.

Help keep pressure on Coburn by calling his office in DC (202-224-5754) and telling his staff how important the Elk River fishery is to you and other Oregon sportsmen. Or email Coburn and give him a piece of your mind.

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