Jay’s Steelhead Swing Jig Tiger Pink Fly Tying Video


In this video Jay ties up a very flashy, vibrant Winter Steelhead fly. This fly can be cast, stripped, or swung and even fished under an indicator. If your looking for inspiration and variety in your winter steelhead flies give this pattern a try!

Jay’s Steelhead Swing Jig Tiger Pink

Hook: Gamakatsu 60 Degree Round Bend Jig #2 Jig or Umpqua S506H #1
Thread: Danville’s 210 Denier Black
Eyes: Balz Eyes or Double Pupil Medium
Cement: Loc-Tite Brush on
Hareline Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips (Black Barred Hot Orange Tipped Fluorescent Hot Pink – TSM20)
Body: Lagartun Carded Flatbraid Blue
Bump: Speckled Chenille Gold/Black
Collar: Senyo’s Chromatic 3.0 Brush Midnight
Flash: Krystal Flash Smolt Blue
Ice Wing: Bait Fish
Flash: Krystal Flash Hot Pink
Schlappen Feather
Hard as Hull Penetrator

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ODFW trucking sea lions to protect dwindling Willamette Winter Steelhead

From OPB: Oregon wildlife managers are trapping sea lions at Willamette Falls and trucking them out to the coast in an effort to protect a very fragile run of steelhead.

Biologists estimate the sea lions at Willamette Falls are eating at least a quarter of the winter steelhead run. At that rate, they say, there’s about a 90 percent chance at least one population of the fish will go extinct.

Bryan Wright, a biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, said the state is waiting for federal approval to kill sea lions at Willamette Falls. In the meantime, they’re moving as many sea lions as they can to the coast.

“Everyone knows it’s not a long-term fix,” he said. “It’s barely a short-term fix. … But right now, it’s the only tool we have, and it does save about three steelhead per day according to our estimates.”

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Jay’s Flexi Bead Steelhead Tube Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay ties up a beautiful Steelhead Tube Fly using the new Flexi bead from Pro Sportfisher. The Pro Flexi Bead solves the challenge of finding beads that fit on tubes. They will fit on Pro Flexi tube, Pro Micro Tube, Pro Nano Tube and Pro Classic Medium. The Medium size Pro Flexi Bead is the same weight as the Pro Raw Weight Small and the Large Flexi Bead is the same as the Pro Raw Weight Medium. Flexi Beads come in 5 colors: Gunsmoke Metallic, Blue Metallic, Chartreuse, Ultra Orange and Hot Pink. Give these a try on your next batch of Steelhead flies!



Jay’s Flexibead Steelhead Tube

Pro Sport Flexineedle
Pro Classic Tube Medium Blue
Thread: 8/0 Veevus Orange
UV2 Diamond Brite – Fl. Orange
Pro Sport Flexibead – Metallic Blue
Hackle: UV2 Spirit River Saddle Flo Orange
Hareline Lady Amherst Center Tail – Chartreuse
Senyo’s Metallic Barred Predator Wrap – Silver Purple Black
UV2 Marabou Fl. Blue
Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks Size 2 – Pink



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Deadly Shiner Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay Nicholas ties a smaller (but deadly) trout streamer he dubs the Deadly Shiner. This is an awesome baitfish pattern that can be cast, stripped, and swung for a variety of species. It’s been an effective pattern for anglers all over the country. It reminds Jay of a Super Duper Spoon he used to fish back in the 1960’s.

Deadly Shiner

The Deadly Shiner

Hook: Alex Jackson’s Covert Nymph #7
Thread: Danville’s 210D Fl.
Tail: DNA Holo Chromosome Flash Pearl
Body: Lagartun Carded Flat Braid Silver
Collar: DNA Holo Chromosome Flash pearl
Bead: Any 5/32 bead
Loon UV Resin Fine

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New Product Review by Jay Nicholas – Diamond Brite UV 2 Dubbing by Spirit River

Spirit River Diamond Brite UV2 - a

No. I’m not going to get into the pros and ??? of UV material, UV 1 versus UV 2 – and all that stuff. Honestly I’m not sure what I know, but I know what I think and I am superstitious and I have had very good results fishing UV active materials and so there you have it.

What I can assure you about Diamond Brite UV 2 Dubbing is that I am innately drawn to the colors I see.

This Diamond Brite UV 2 Dubbing looks to me very similar to Ice Dub, only it seems a little more consistent in terms of the texture of the dubbing. This dubbing makes very fine bodies as-is or when blended with other dubbing materials.

Spirit River Diamond Brite UV2 2

This is another case where I noticed somewhat randomly that a new-to-me material was VERY ATTRACTIVE – so I jumped on the opportunity to give it a try.

Summary: I love the colors, I love the textures, and I am about to incorporate this Diamond Brite UV 2 Dubbing into all of my 2018 flies. It is what it is.


Oh yes, it looks like there are 42 – FORTY TWO – color options of Diamond Brite UV 2 Dubbing . Sigh.

I will also tell you that EVERY color I looked at was attractive. There.

Jay Nicholas early 2018

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IF4 2018 in Eugene

Get your tickets for the 2018 Eugene International Film Festival! This is the 4th year running that there has been a joint effort in hosting the IF4. The IF4 Film Fest is a collection of professionally made fly fishing videos from around the globe highlighting the beauty and culture of fly fishing. This year’s line up of films is as strong as ever, and includes everything from fly fishing for Artic char in Alaska, to pursuing the rare Blue Mahseer in the jungles of Thailand, and even a film on throwing flies for Mako Sharks!

This is an exciting night of watching fly fishing films, and raffling off over $4000 in great fishing gear, art, and guided trips all as a fundraiser to aid Fly Fishing Collabrative in fighting human trafficking around the world. FFC is a non-profit based out of Portland that works within the fly fishing community to aid orphanages and safe homes that are rescuing kids from sex slavery. Last year we were able raise close to $12,000 for FFC, and we hope to blow that away this year.

This year’s raffle prizes will include several rods and reels, custom painted rod tubes, a Casey Underwood print, fly lines, Mike Marlatt tied flies, saddleback leather gear and a lot more! There will also be a silent auction from several guided trips for the local rivers as well as the N Umpqua and even Pyramid Lake. The grand prize is a custom built fly rod from True West Custom Fly Rods.

The show has sold out the last couple years so make sure to get your tickets ahead of time. Come in a get your ticket at at the shop for $15.

When: March 15th
Time: Doors open at 615, film starts at 7
Where: Wildish Theater in Springfield
Admission: $15 Buy your tickets at The Caddis Fly Angling Shop.

Website: www.flyfilmfest.com/

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Jay’s Bull Trout Jig (Frost-Tip) Fly Tying Video

Jay’s Bull Trout Jig (Frost-Tip) is a great streamer fly for trout, bull trout and small mouth bass. This fly can be cast, stripped along a bank, swung, or fished under an indicator.


Jay’s Bull Trout Jig (Frost-Tip)

Hook: Umpqua S506H Jig #4
Thread: Danville’s 210D Brown
Tail: Frost Tip Rabbit Tips (Black Orange FRS4)
Collar: EP Sommerlatte’s UV Blend Foxy Brush 3” Root Beer/Orange
Flash: Ice Wing Copper
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes Black/Orange
Body: EP Foxy Brush 1.5” Hot Orange/Black

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2018 Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo

2018 Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo


When: March 9th & 10th | 9:00am – 5:00pm

Where: Linn County Expo Center, Albany Oregon
Admission: $10 | FFI Members, Veterans and Youth 18 & Under: FREE | Parking is free
Website: http://nwexpo.com

The 2018 Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo will be the 30th anniversary of the show.  In 1988 the Oregon Sub-council was split off from the Northwest Council and became an independent Oregon Council.  Keith Burkart and Skip Hosfield set out and planned the first Expo in 1989 in Eugene, Oregon.  In 2007 the event moved to Albany, Oregon and became a two-day event.  Exhibitors and classes were added to the event.

The Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo is the largest show devoted entirely to fly-fishing.   Come to the Expo and be part of the crowd of fly tyers and fly fishers building their knowledge and seeing old friends.

Learn from 200 fly tyers

There will be 72 tyers tying at anytime across three time slots each day.  Attendees will be able to watch tyers tie a variety of styles including trout, steelhead, realistic, and Atlantic salmon flies.  Some of the best fly tyers in the world attend the show and volunteer to demonstrate their skills.  For a schedule of tyers visit – http://nwexpo.com/tyers.php.

Explore over 50 exhibitors

There are range of exhibitors each year the Expo.  These include book publishers, fly tying shops, rod and reel manufactures, and artists.  There is a casting pond where you can try out different rods while you are at the show.  Many of the exhibitors have show deals that are only available during the show.

Daily casting demonstrations

Learn from some of the best fly casters demonstrating their skills.  A schedule will be posted during the expo and everyone is welcome to watch the demonstrations.

Fly tying, fly fishing, and casting classes

If you want a more hands-on approach to learning check out the classes being offered.  The fly tying classes let you follow along with the instructor as you tie a fly(s).  You can explore different styles and materials.  The fly fishing classes will introduce you to new techniques and locations.  The casting classes are a great opportunity to get 1 on 1 instruction.

Friday Classes – http://nwexpo.com/friday_classes.php

Saturday Classes – http://nwexpo.com/saturday_classes.php

You can click on the class and reserve your spot.  Sign-up today as classes have limited spots.

Raffles & silent auctions

Raffles and silent auctions will be running both days.  During the Friday night reception there will be a live auction.  Raffles and auctions will include a variety of items, including fly tying materials, fly tying art, fishing flies, fly plates, rods, reels, and fly-fishing equipment.  Many items are a one of a kind and you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Friday night reception

The Friday night reception is open for everyone to attend and is a lot of fun.  It includes a small program, a full dinner, a special bucket raffle (http://nwexpo.com/tyer_raffle.php), and a live auction.  The cost is only $10 to attend which includes the cost of dinner.  You can purchase a ticket or a package here – http://nwexpo.com/store.php.


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Cedar Lodge Report February 2018

NZ February

NZ February

February started out with seven inches of rain in 24 hours here at Cedar Lodge. It’s absolutely incredible to see how the “crystaline” waters we had been fishing just a day before turned into raging torrents carrying glacial mud and trees. Unfortunately we were unable to fish for a couple days before a three day break for staff. We were back at it 5 days post storm though, and amazingly the rivers were clear and fish were present.

NZ February

NZ February

Pure guide speculation here, no science, but our observations of recent high water activity seem to point to rainbows getting flushed out of the system and browns hanging in. Brown trout retaining their residence much better despite massive pushes of dirty water. In the early days after the flood from former tropical cyclone Fehi there were very few rainbows around. Browns were out and feeding in decent numbers, holding in the slower runs. We look forward to a push of new new fish (both browns and rainbows) to populate the streams for the remainder of the season.


Clear water is critical for this next push but so to is the terrestrial activity. I am not sure what kind of a beating the aquatic life took but the rivers we have been fishing of late have taken on a new level of clear. The sub-surface rocks are super sticky even with rubber bottom boots. The worry is that many of the mature caddis and mayfly nymphs may have been flushed out to some degree. We will be counting on the hoppers, cicada, crickets and beetles for the remainder of the season.

NZ February

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Chinook salmon losing genetic diversity

Via Science:

Chinook salmon, an iconic species in the Pacific Northwest, have lost up to two-thirds of their genetic diversity over the past 7000 years, researchers report. The finding underscores a long-held concern that future salmon populations are imperiled by a combination of stream habitat loss, overfishing, dams, and the release of millions of fingerlings from hatcheries—even as the fish try to respond to climate change and ocean acidification.

Salmon Fishing

“It’s a fascinating report,” says Matthew Sloat, a fisheries ecologist with the Wild Salmon Center, a nonprofit salmon conservation group in Portland, Oregon. “The main conclusion is not terribly surprising,” he says, but “it does confirm a long-standing guess that there has been a broad loss of genetic diversity in the [Columbia River] Basin.”

Genetic diversity is often key to enabling a species to adapt to changing environmental conditions. In salmon, for example, some individuals or populations might carry genes that make them less susceptible to new diseases or warming seas, enabling the species to survive the loss of other genetic strains.

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New Product Review by Jay Nicholas -Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite

Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite 2
This most likely is a tool that has been around for some time and I’m just now discovering how useful it is on my fly tying bench.

At first I didn’t even know what the heck it was, but this finely crafted tool has very quickly earned a place in my tool rack and in my hand.

This is a curved dubbing picker.

The formal classification is here -Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite.

Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite 1

Although you might wonder what the big deal is and why not use a straight bodkin to tease dubbing, or a brush, and I have used both myself and used both to modest satisfaction – but there is something substantially more satisfying in this curved bodkin, a finer motor control, and less frequent risk of cutting core thread with either a straight bodkin or a wire brush.

Stonfo Spillo Curvo Elite 3

Im sure that personal preference plays a big part on whether an individual prefers one tool over another, but this curved bodkin has already earned a regular place on my fly tying tool bench.

Jay Nicholas Early 2018

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Jay’s Jiggy Chub Fly Tying Video

Jay’s Jiggy Chub is a dynamite trout streamer tied using natural colors on a jigged hook. This fly rides hook side up which helps prevent snags and the body is tied with a wireless synthetic fox brush which doesn’t absorb water so it will cast really well. It can be fished under an indicator or cast, stripped, and swung for Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Northern Pike Minnow, Small Mouth Bass and Whitefish. Because it is a prey imitation, it will fish well in waters with or without Chub.

Jay's Jiggy Chub

Jay’s Jiggy Chub

Cement: Loc-Site brushable
Hook: Umpqua S506H Jig #2
Tail: SR UV Blood Quill Marabou Olive/Tan
Tail: Peacock Krystal Flash
Body: Wire Free Synthetic Fox Brush Black
Collar: Senyo’s Chromatic Brush Pale Bronze
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Black/Chartreuse
Thread: Danville’s 210D Brown

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New Product Review by Jay Nicholas – Ripple Ice Fiber

Jay Nicholas Caddis Fly Shop Ripple Ice

Here we go again. Brace yourself for several new product reviews to follow. As you may know, I am fortunate to be able to test many new materials and tools—this is part of a never ending quest to explore new options and determine if they are inferior, superior, or about the same as product I’ve used previously.

I had heard about Ripple Ice Fiber a few months ago, saw some, and was not impressed.  Then I picked up a fly tied by a friend, notched something especially attractive about the wing, and took a closer look. EEEEkkkkkk.

The flash material in the wing was the new stuff I had rejected.

So I went and picked up two packets to give it a try myself.

I chose Minnow Mix and Smolt Blue.

I see no need to get all gushy about this new material – I NEVER post a review on a new material unless it inspires me.

Honestly, I really like this material for flash in my steelhead tubes, Intruders, and my salmon closures.

I am also a big fan of Lateral Scale, but this new Ripple Ice Fiber is SURE to be a winner. Sometimes you just get that tingly feeling and the deal is sealed.

Ripple Ice Fiber is offered in 17 colors and

Electric Ice Fiber is offered in 7 fluorescent colors

Get to it—this is good stuff and very fishy.

Jay Nicholas, early 2018


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Introduction to Fly Fishing Class 2018

The 2018 Introduction to Fly Fishing Class schedule has been set.  Our classes are designed for individuals who wish to learn the basics of fly fishing.  Inspired by the original casting classes held by Les Eichorn, Bob Guard and Mel Krieger our 6 hour class will have interested anglers on their way to fly casting mastery.

Our classes are divided into two sessions. The first two hour session is a “in the shop” session where terminology, equipment, knots, entomology, fly fishing tactics and where to find fish are covered. The second four hour session is a on the water casting instruction where students learn three fundamental casts.

All equipment is provided, a textbook is included and we maintain a one instructor to 5 student ratio.

Cost is $55, all equipment is provided, sign up at the shop or call 541-342-7005 to sign up.

Class Schedule for 2018 : Classes on two dates are Friday evening (6-8PM) at the shop and Saturday at Alton Baker Park (9am-1pm). Classes on three dates are Wednesday (shop 6-8pm), Thursday, and Friday evenings Alton Baker Park (6-8pm).

March 23,24
April 20,21
May 18,19
June 15,16
July 18,19,20
August 15,16,17
September 28,29
October 26,27



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Christmas Island Outfitters @ Crystal Beach Lodge with The Caddis Fly Shop and Bryson Fairlamb


May 8th-15th 2018

Caddis Fly Shop manager Bryson Fairlamb is hosting a trip to Christmas Island in May 2018. Almost every fly fisher on the planet has heard of Christmas Island. Christmas Island is the world’s largest coral atoll and a virtual paradise for stalking bonefish. It is a vast Matrix-like network of endless hard sand flats, lagoons, channels and reefs spread out across the Earth’s largest raised coral atoll. The main lagoon harbors the world’s most expansive system of productive shallow water flats. Bonefish, trevally, trigger fish, sharks, snappers, puffers and milk fish patrol more than 100 named flats perfectly designed for wading fly anglers. Christmas Island is a veritable wonderland for the saltwater fly angler and Christmas Island Outfitters is there to make your dreams come true. The fishing is all done by wading on hard sand and coral flats. Anglers can also choose to fish the bluewater by boat usually with no added cost. The lodging is not fancy but clean and comfortable. Think of it as more of a base camp to access the best flats fishing destination in the world. The travel time is fairly easy and you will experience some of the world’s best saltwater wade fishing. Christmas Island Outfitters is a very affordable option and you get to learn from and fish with some of the most skilled flats guides anywhere. I highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in flats fishing for the first time as well as to seasoned flats anglers alike. Come join me for the adventure of a lifetime.


Links to more information on the trip:

Christmas Island Web Page: http://flywatertravel.com/destination/ChristmasIslandOutfitters

The Ultimate Atoll by Dylan Rose: https://issuu.com/flywatertravel/docs/2015ultatollexpanded.f?e=7909021/13486597

GT-Christmas Island

Rate: $2,570.00 per person based on double occupancy

Note: Private rooms and guides are available for an additional charge

Included: Accommodations, meals, guide fees, Christmas Island ground transfers, flats transportation.
Not Included: Airfare to and from Christmas Island, alcoholic beverages, visa fees, travel insurance, gratuities ($20-$40 per guide per day and $120 per angler/per week for lodge staff), laundry services, fishing licenses, departure taxes.

To Join the trip click on the link below:
Contact Fly Water Travel or
​Bryson Fairlamb
Fly Water Travel:
Bryson Fairlamb​ bryger19@earthlink.net OR 541-342-7005

CI -wading flats


Monday / May 7​

You will need to arrive in Honolulu on Monday or before and overnight at your elected hotel (accommodations are independently arranged and not included).
Tuesday / May​ 8
Depart Honolulu / Arrive Christmas Island: Outside of customs you will be met by head guide Bita (Peter) Kairoi (head guide). Bita will help you load your gear into the lodges transport truck(s), then you will drive 20 minutes to the lodge. Once there you will receive a brief introduction from Bita and/or Kata (the lodge manager), check into your room and prepare tackle for fishing the next day.

Wednesday to Monday / May​ 9 – 14​
Six full days of fishing on Christmas Island.
Each day you’ll depart via truck or catamaran for the day’s fishing, and spend time exploring the endless hard sand flats and pristine atolls that surround the island of Kiribati. Virtually all fly fishing entails sight casting to visible fish while wading in shallow water.

The typical daily schedule at Christmas Island Outfitters:
6:00AM: Wake
6:30AM: Breakfast
7:00AM: Depart for flats
​​8:00AM – 4:30PM: Fishing
5:30PM: Back at the lodge
7:00PM: Dinner
Please keep in mind that your daily schedule will vary in accordance with tide conditions and your fishing desires.

Tuesday / Ma​y 15​
Depart Christmas Island / Arrive Honolulu:


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