No greater gift for a new angler or one who wishes to have a refresh on fly angling or casting than signing up for a Intro to Fly Fishing Class!

We have been introducing anglers to basic casting skills for almost 30 years. Inspired by the original casting classes held by Les Eichorn, Bob Guard, Lefty Krieg, Jeff Carr and Mel Krieger this 6 hour class will have interested anglers on their way to fly casting mastery. Basic tackle discussions, casting, knots, entomology and fly presentation will be covered. All tackle, textbook is included, and we maintain a one instructor to 5 student ratios. (15 students max per class)

Four hours of the course will be on water casting. Cost is $70, all equipment is provided, sign up at the shop or call 541-342-7005 to sign up.

Class Schedule for 2024 : Classes on two dates are Friday evening (6-8PM) at the shop and Saturday at Alton Baker Park (9am-12:00pm).

Class Schedule for 2024: The two-day classis on a Friday evening (6-8PM) at the shop and Saturday morning at Alton Baker Park (9am-12:00pm). Due to popular demand, we are holding two sessions in March, April and May! Sign up early and get your spot!

February 2,3 and 23,24

March 1,2, and 15,16

April 5,6 and 26,27

May 31, June 1st

June 28,29

July 26,27

August 30,31

September 27,28

October 25,26

Intermediate Fly Fishing Classes Available Now

The Caddis Fly Shop in Eugene, Oregon is a great place to ignite your passion. We offer a Beginner’s Fly Fishing class where you can learn the basics of knot tying and casting, including a roll cast, a pick up and lay down, and an overhead cast, the combination of which is enough to get you started on the right track. We also offer guided trips from boats to help you catch a dozen or more fish in one day. Plus, the guides will tell you what to use and even rig your fly rods up for you to be the most productive.

Between the beginner’s lesson and the guided trip, though, there isn’t much to fill the gap. Insert our Intermediate Fly Fishing Course. We want to teach you how to fish more effectively on your own, the Intermediate Fly Fishing Lesson to helps fill this gap. The Intermediate lesson will be held out at a spot on the river where we will start by covering advanced leader setups and rigs. For example, we will discuss how to tie and effectively cast a dry fly, a dry-dropper, and an indicator rig with various techniques. This intermediate lesson will also help to hone your basic casts in a more active section of water, then it will cover advanced techniques like water-loading, line management, and more. Throughout this lesson, we will also discuss how to approach different types of water, and how to read currents in order to locate fish. This type of class is a lot of fun and provides the capacity to thrive by preventing years of bad habits right from the start. We are getting into the best time of the year to fly fish, so let’s get out there!

Private Spey Casting Lessons – with the Caddis Fly Shop staff are available upon request at $55 per person. Your instructor will get you going with all the basic casts, fundamentals for spey casting, and casting from both sides of the river. These lessons are tailored for both the beginner and advanced spey caster. Contact the shop at 541-342-7005 to set up your lesson!


14 Responses to Events

  1. Edem says:

    Took the introductory classes two weeks ago and loved it, instructor was great, I highly recommend it! I am just a beginner but have become hooked to fly fishing, I love it! Still learning, and appreciate all the advice out there. Look forward to a lot of fly fishing this summer and I am sure I will keep dropping buy the shop throughout the next few months!

  2. Greg C says:

    Finished the beginning fly fishing class Saturday. I was a blast. Small group and plenty of instruction. I looking for someone to go on the special $325 for 2 3/4 day trip, during the week. I one, need two.

  3. Michael Chase says:

    I’m interested in the intro to fly fishing class. When does the schedule come out?

  4. Sarah says:

    Please let me know what you have to offer in the way of classes & fly tying
    Thanks, Sarah

  5. Burt Froehlich says:

    Heading out west traveling the Lewis and Clark trail, with fly fishing diversions along the way (of course). My wife and I are interested in fly fishing for fall run king salmon in Oregon. Do you have any suggestions? If it is possible to fish these beauties, when is the best time and where? We would appreciate a local fly fishing guide to assist us in our quest. Thanks for the blog and for the response. Tight Lines. Burt

  6. caleb says:

    I am very happy I just started fly fishing and your class looks fun and easy I am 12 years old but love to fish and hunt where and when are your classes.

  7. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Please call in or visit the shop to get a full picture of the latest class offerings. Thanks. JN

  8. Steve Kottwitz says:

    Hello. I would like to sign up for your introductory class on either September 28th or 29th. My preference would be Friday the 28th. Please let me know if you have any spaces left. Thanks.

  9. Chris Schnider says:

    Is there an age restriction on the intro to fly casting class? My son is 9 and is very interested. I would probably take it with him for my own knowledge. I’ve been fly fishing since I was 6 but I won’t pretend I have great form.

  10. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    We really don’t have an age restriction, 9 seems fine as long as your son is keen we are keen to teach him.

  11. Teri Montagna says:

    This class was fantastic! My husband and I took it together (he is experienced but skills rusty) and I am complete novice. Instructors were great! Can’t wait to get out there! Thanks so much

  12. Joe Raade says:

    Looking for dates for your Winter 2023 Intro to Fly tying course.

  13. Kris Ward Jacobson says:

    Looking for intermediate fly fishing class dates? Also, upcoming fly tying classes.


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