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Matching the squatch hatch

Well, it’s finally happened. We here at The Caddis Fly have decided to come clean about this whole Bigfoot thing, in a new tell-all article in the latest edition of The Flyfish Journal. Pick up the latest copy and get … Continue reading

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Bigfoot Found on New Caddis Fly T-Shirt

Squatch wades without studs. He quietly glides through the rivers and forests with a Ninkasi brew, a hybrid 7wt and an old school creel. Inspired by our McKenzie River Bigfoot experiences the new Caddis Fly Shop T-Shirt available now just … Continue reading

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Squatch celebrity: Bigfoot-mania continues in the McKenzie River Valley

After watching the recent episode of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet, I can finally say that I’ve had my fifteen minutes of fame. Bob Welch wrote up a column on the show in the Register-Guard, friends sent me photos of … Continue reading

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Changing site name to Oregon Bigfoot Blog?

This just in from Siskiyou Bigfoot Correspondent Issac Roman: I am a guide in Siskiyou county….32 yrs & I live in Dunsmuir, but travel the tributaries to the Klamath quite often…..a couple summers ago we stumbled upon this prints up … Continue reading

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