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2016 Fishing Regulaitions

Happy New Year to all Anglers! An old dude, named Socrates, once said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” With this quote in mind, our … Continue reading

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2016 Carp Update: Malheur Wildlife Refuge

In case you have not seen the news or read about it…there is a lot of activity at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge these days. However, all you carp anglers should be aware of this article from the Eugene newspaper last … Continue reading

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December 2015: Steelhead are coming!

It’s winter steelhead time! The winter rituals of “cabin fever”, watching river levels, reviewing weather forecasts, fact or fiction fishing reports, getting your winter gear ready, and false hope has begun. The current weather forecast is “big rain coming”(weather forecasts). … Continue reading

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Deschutes Alliance Science Plan Report

After two years of data collection, the DRA has completed its study from a data gathering process to a monitoring program. The three areas of study were Lake Billy Chinook, Aquatic Insect Monitoring, and Continuous Water Quality Monitoring. No matter … Continue reading

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Fishing Report: November Update

With the first decent rains projected this coming week, its a good time to check out some early opportunities. The coastal rivers, Elk, Sixes, Siletz, Siuslaw, and Alsea have been producing some fair to good action. Anglers are reporting action … Continue reading

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Lou’s Montana Fly Fishing Trip 2016

Finally gathered enough members of the Technical Men’s Conference (old dawgs who have fished together decades) to head back to Montana. After last year, the fall, proved to be the best time for fauna and fishing. This year we centered … Continue reading

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Crane Prairie 2015

It was one of those great Cascade moments on Crane this week.  Crane was flat and the reflection on the lake made it seem like a Monet painting.   Ok, enough of spirituality and painters….it was a great day for fishing.  … Continue reading

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Nautilus Reels

Prior to going Cuba, Jim T. and I had the opportunity to swing by Nautilus Reels in Miami, Florida.  Kristen Mustad was available to give us a tour.   “Made in the USA” really means something when you see the manufacturing capabilities … Continue reading

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East Lake Report 2015

You might ask “Why is this guy smiling?” Headed out with Ken C. and Steve JL to East Lake this week. Steve had never been to East Lake. Ken and I knew the callibaetis hatch would still be going on. … Continue reading

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Deschutes River Fishing Report Spring 2015

Headed down the Deschutes last week for a four day trip.   The Deschutes flow gauge at Madras was 3750 cfs when we launched.  Seemed a bit low from my experiences on the D.  But hey, we had not fished the D … Continue reading

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Return to Malhuer 2015

Headed out to Eastern Oregon this past week with binoculars and my fly rod. My wife and I joined a hearty group of bird watchers for our third year at the Malheur Field Station. We saw many Sand Hill Cranes … Continue reading

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Lower Mckenzie Report 4/8/15

Caught a ride in Andrew’s boat and hit the lower Mckenzie this week. We were not disappointed. Anglers should look to the mid to late afternoon for hatches. We caught a massive black caddis hatch, followed by a brief March … Continue reading

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Lower Mckenzie River Fly Fishing Report

Its been a few years for a February to bring such sunny and warm weather. This unusual weather pattern has brought attention to the Lower Mckenzie much sooner than anticipated. On a recent trip the Lower Mckenzie produced a couple of … Continue reading

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2015 NW Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo

The 2015 Northwest Fly Tyer & Fly Fishing Expo, held March 13 and 14 at the Linn County Expo Center in Albany, Oregon, celebrates its 27th year and is one of the nation’s largest fly-fishing events. As usual, this expansive … Continue reading

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Winter Steelhead Report

  The weekend rains may have established this seasons run of winter steelhead.   All coastal steams, ( Alsea, Siuslaw, Siletz) had been fishing well prior to the recent rains.  Anglers should find fish spread through out the system. Indicator fishing has … Continue reading

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