Cone Head Wooly Bugger Fly Tying Instructional Video with Alex Worth

In this video, Alex Worth ties a couple variations on a cone head wooly bugger that he uses on his local waters in the front range of Colorado, as well as some streams in south and central Wyoming. These two colors are extremely effective in the fall, but don’t stop there! Using the framework of this pattern and tying a few of your favorite colors is a great way to fill a small to mid-sized streamer box with confidence.

Alex demonstrates some solid tying techniques for the beginning and advance fly tyer.

Materials list:
Pumpkin Spice Bugger:
-Size 4 5262 Hook
-Large Brass Cone
-6/0 Uni Thread, Rusty Brown
-Hot orange marabou
-Micro Flashabou
-Medium copper wire, Amber
-Senyo’s Fusion Dub, Crusty Nail
-Neck hackle, brown
-Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs, Pumpkin
-India Hen Hackle, Prince Nymph Brown

White and Gold Bugger:
-Size 4 5262
-Large Brass Cone, Gold
-6/0 White Uni Thread
-White Marabou
-Micro Flashabou
-Small Copper Wire, Gold
-Ice Dub, Pearl and Gold
-Grizzly Saddle Hackle
-Grizzly micro legs, smoke
-Mallard Flank, Natural

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