2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Awesome mix of goods this season – filled with things you don’t need, things you want and things you should have. That about sums up your fly fishing arsenal, right?

One item we’re particularly excited about is the new Patagonia Swiftcurrent wading jacket. Perfect length for wading or wearing in the boot, with the addition of adjustable cuffs that you see in the whitewater paddling community. Not to mention, this actually keeps you dry.

The new rods from Echo, the Trout X and Boost Fresh, continue to exceed our expectations while maintaining an affordable option for a quality rod. Fishpond continues to impress with their line of backpacks – the Ridgeline and Firehole backpacks cover the board for simple day trips and long outings where you might prefer to carry more in.

Next up is the classic Renzetti Traveler Series vise, available in matte silver, black, red or blue. These things have stood the test of time while continuing to get more and more beautiful.

Below, we’ve linked the complete list of what we’re liking this season ranging from new, innovative tying tools to comfortable hoodies, hats and socks.

Tying Equipment:
Loon Fly Tying Mat
Smhaen Master Dubbing Twister
Stonfo CDC Winding Tool
Renzetti Traveler Series

Fly Rods, Reels and Gear:
Echo Boost Fresh
Echo Trout X Rods
Ross Animas Fly Fishing Reel
Ross Colorado Reel
Abel Nippers

Protection and Clothing:
Patagonia Swiftcurrent Wading Jacket
Patagonia Nano Puff Fitz Roy Trout Hoody
Patagonia Capilene Midwieight Liner Gloves
Patagonia Better Sweater Gloves
Rep Your Water Rainbow Trout Hat
Rep Your Water Trout Socks
Patagonia Home Water Trout Hoody
Howler Bros Shaman Sweatpants

Bags and Storage:
Patagonia Black Hole Rod Case
Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack
Fishpond Ridgeline Tech Pack
Fishpond Firehole Backpack
Patagonia Black Hole Gear Tote

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