Take Action on Safeguarding Bristol Bay

Time is Running Out

From: Meghan Barker and Trout Unlimited’s Save Bristol Bay team

Dear Bristol Bay supporters,

We know it’s been a busy summer- if you’re like us, your days have been filled with fishing and soaking up that warmer weather. But now we are in the final two weeks of the comment period to tell EPA that we support Clean Water Act safeguards for Bristol Bay, and we need your help. Submit a comment here.

Why do we want EPA to finalize these Clean Water Act safeguards? We’ve got just a few reasons why:

Local people want these protections, and have been asking for them for well over a decade. Over 90% of testifiers at regional hearings earlier this summer spoke up in support of these protections for their lands and waters.

The Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run broke the all-time record this season at 78.4 million fish. Bristol Bay is special, and able to support millions of fish because of clean water and healthy habitat.

Pebble isn’t gone yet. The Pebble Limited Partnership might have failed to get its key federal permit in 2020, but it’s vowing to move forward through an appeal process. Most recently, the project received a $60 million investment from an unnamed investor. We are watching them closely, but Pebble is still a threat and will be until we have permanent protections for the region.

Bottom line, we need to be loud in telling the EPA that we support Clean Water Act safeguards for Bristol Bay. Please submit a comment today– I’ve made it so that it takes less than one minute!

Thank you for your support for Bristol Bay!

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