Fly Organization August 2022


Fly organization is a challenge. Storage solutions and organizational strategies must be considered, and then there is the time it takes. This past Sunday I went for it. Twenty five plus years of collecting saltwater flies, putting them in a “mish-mash” of 13 fly boxes and storing them in a cupboard in my office. I was able to condense them all into 2 fly boxes.


Step one: I separated all the saltwater flies from all the trout flies, jungle flies and anadromous fish flies.
Step Two: I found a space where I could open all the fly boxes up and examine them all at once. This is critical as to see patterns, colors, sizes that will help organize the flies.
Step Three: I removed like patterns from fly boxes making piles of flies. Example: Bonefish Puff Patterns all in one pile, tan Crazy Charlie style patterns in another, Christmas Island style flies in another.
Step Four: Have one of your children start inserting flies in boxes. Or you may have to do this yourself. I chose the MFC Boat Box, the blue one is pretty cool for saltwater flies. And for larger Tarpon, Snook, Jacks etc flies I chose the Fishpond Tacky Pescador in XL. The beauty of both fly boxes is their capacity and depth. Larger patterns with weed guards, big eyes, massive hooks fit in these boxes with ease.
Step Five: Figure out what to do with all the old boxes you now have. I am thinking of using some of them as “satellite fly boxes” to load on site and put in a pack, vest, etc to carry with you. The others I plan to give away so I reduce the clutter in my office, that was the plan from the beginning… Trout flies next!

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