The Kreelex: Fly Tying Instructional Video

Jim Sens joins us in the shop to tie up The Kreelex. This is an awesome saltwater pattern but can also be tied in smaller sizes that will produce trout in your local trout waters.

Jim did the hard work already and tested this out on the Oregon Coast where he caught some coho salmon and a few other saltwater species.

Also, this fly has very few materials, making it both easy and cost-effective. Feel free to go crazy with different colorways but just make sure to use contrasting colors. That makes the fish angry, and we want angry fish to attack our flies.


Material List:
Hook: Umpqua XS506H, Size 1
Thread: Veevus 100D, Black
Eye: Harline dumbbell eyes, large in green
Body: MFC Kreelex Fish Flash
Loon UV

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  1. Clint Brumitt says:

    Do not forget to use them for smallmouth bass.

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