Pennington D Rib Stonefly Variation Fly Tying Video

Any variation of any type of stonefly has a special place in our hearts. The trout in our local waters just seem to find them attractive, no matter what time of the year it is.


Pennington D Rib Stonefly Variation Material List:
Hook: Umpqua XC400BL – Size 10
Bead: Umpqua Jig Bomb – 4mm
Thread: UTC 70D – Fl. Orange
Under Body: Hareline Lead Wire – .015
Collar: Hare-tron – Dk. Brown
Tail: Goose Biots – Brown
Body: Midge Stretch Rib – Brown
Legs: Barred and Speckled Crazy Legs – Pumpkin

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