ODFW – Important Fishing Announcement July 1, 2021


From Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

It’s going to be a scorcher out there, and fish are feeling the heat, too—on top of facing a severe to extreme drought in most of Oregon. Thus, ODFW is asking you to fish with care during heat wave.

To help protect fish over the summer, ODFW will be announcing emergency regulations for some fisheries next week. These regulations will go into effect July 1. Remember any in-season regulation changes are always posted in the angling zone of the Recreation Report – Fishing Report so don’t forget to check it before you go fishing.

What to expect beginning July 1:

“Hoot owl” regulations may close fishing in some areas in early afternoon to protect salmon, steelhead and trout during the hottest part of the day.
Bag limits may be removed in some reservoirs before water gets too low for fish.
Fish with care:

Starting now, we are asking you to take extra steps to help fish during the heat wave and until conditions improve:

Fish early in day when water temperatures are cooler.
Look for trout in deep, high elevation lakes or shaded streams near headwaters. These places are often cooler.

More tips on high lakes fishing

Warmwater fishing is also a good choice right now, see ODFW’s guide https://myodfw.com/articles/warmwater-fishing-oregon-introduction

Use your judgement. If conditions where you want to fish seem especially severe (low, warm water), consider fishing somewhere else where water conditions are better.
Catch-and-release: When fishing in areas that may require you to release the fish, be sure to:

Use appropriate gear and land fish quickly. The longer the fight, the more stressful it will be on the fish.
Avoid removing the fish from the water.

If taking a photo, cradle the fish at water level and quickly take the picture.
Remove hooks quickly and gently while keeping the fish under water.
Use long-nosed pliers or hemostats to back out a hook.
If a fish is hooked deeply, cut the line near the hook.
Revive fish (point them into slow current or move them back and forth until gills are working).
When possible, let the fish swim out of your hands.
Trout stocking changes:

The stocking schedule may change at short notice due to water conditions that don’t allow for stocking. Some hatcheries are also releasing fish early due to low flows/high temps at hatcheries.

Changes may not show up in the stocking schedule so check the Recreation Report for the latest information.

ODFW thanks you for taking steps to help fish during this severe drought and heat wave.

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