Justin Helm’s McKenzie Green Cornfed Caddis Variation Fly Tying Video

Today, Justin Helm ties for us an exciting variation of Lance Egan’s heralded Cornfed Caddis. Sure to fool trout on our local waters, this size and color specific pattern will closely resemble the natural McKenzie Green Caddis. These green caddis will start showing up soon, so it is a great time to start filling your dry fly boxes with some of these killer flies. If you enjoyed the video, feel free to comment, like, and subscribe for more.


Materials list:
Hook: TMC 100, Sz 8
Thread: Ultra Thread 70D, Dark Grey
Body: Chicone’s Fettuccini Foam, Chartreuse
Wing: Select CDC, 2 Feathers Grey, 2 Blue Dun
Post: McFlylon Flo. Green
Front Hackle: Select CDC, 2 Feathers Grey, 2 Blue Dun
Key Tools: Swiss CDC Clamp

Materials are available at https://www.caddisflyshop.com/‚Äč

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One Response to Justin Helm’s McKenzie Green Cornfed Caddis Variation Fly Tying Video

  1. FlyFInaticLou says:

    Justin . . . 1st time behind the camera, or was Chris making you “nervous”? Wow, that fly ain’t just for the “McKie” . . . it’d work great Up Here too ! But, don’t ya think this “CornFed” stuff is just “Food Fodder”? Especially with the “Fettuccine” noodles ? Practically got a full blown 3 course Meal going ! Just Add Sauce (Marinara preferred) / red hot spot, and some Italian ham (trailing shuck?). Spumoni and Espresso for dessert, yum !
    Eat enough of THAT and “we” may wind up looking like “old George” the Cook, like in the previous video’s (word mouthing for Redington, Sage and Rio).
    Just have some Word-Fun of my own, can’t help myself . . . every time I hear George’s Verbage it gets “me going” !

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