Bonefishing at Davis Lake Oregon


Strip, strip, strip, strip, stop, strip, he sees it, wait, you got him! No need to get on an airplane to chase cruising fish in shallow water in the Caribbean, you can simply drive up to Davis Lake.


The Lake is super low. I had to walk my boat through the Odell Creek Channel in spots. Calm mornings give anglers opportunities to spot cruising fish, cast super long leaders and catch really nice rainbows in challenging conditions.



Using a floating line an 18ft leader tapered to 5x fluorocarbon tippet, we cast small caddis pupae and small mayfly nymphs to cruising and rising fish from 7am to around 1:30pm. Once the sun go high the fishing seemed to really slow. Could be the sun angle beating down on the fish mid day.

Good patterns to have:
Bead Head Ascending Caddis
Epoxy Back Callibaetis

Alain’s BH Swimming Baetis


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