Late May 2020 Fishing Report


Rivers and lakes around the state are turning on and fishing opportunities about. Here are few options and fly suggestions for the next couple of weeks.

The McKenzie is at ideal water levels and a variety of hatches have fish looking up more each day.
Pale Morning Duns, Green McKenzie Caddis, Brown Caddis, Golden Stones, Little Yellow Stones, Possie Buggers, and a variety of jigged nymphs.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 6.19.48 AM

The Middle Fork of the Willamette is also fishing very well. Black Canyon and Hampton boat landing are now open. Dan Craft is running shuttles (541-600-5094). Water conditions are really nice on the Middle fork right now. If you are wading look to stay above the North Fork of the Middle Fork. Similar flies to the Mckenzie.


Crane Prairie Reservoir has been great on the warmer days. This past week was not has hot as the previous but we have some really nice warm weather ahead. Chironomids, balanced leeches, black buggers have been productive.

The Lower Deschutes is full on with the salmon fly hatch from Maupin to Pelton Dam. With the heat this is likely to be a fantastic week for the Salmon Fly Hatch. Larimers Golden Stone, Norm Woods, Crowd Surfers, Emma’s Stone, Clarks Stones. Mayflies to have are PMD’s and Green Drakes.

The Metolius River is seeing Green Drakes below the Hatchery and as things warm the hatch will likely move up river. If you are heading to the Metolius have some Green Drakes, Pale Morning Duns and Golden Stones. Nymphing with small dense jigged nymphs like Dally’s Tailwater, Frenchie and Tungsten Jigged PMD’s are good subsurface patterns.

The John Day River has seen its peak flows and is on the drop. Best patterns are most going to be wooly buggers, Jay Breaker, Diamond Lake Special (brown crawfish colored bugger) and larger poppers.

It’s a great time to be fishing all around the state, get out there and enjoy.

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