Duxbury Clouser Fly Tying Video – Jay Nicholas

In this video, Jay Nicholas ties a Duxbury Clouser Fly using Just Add H2O’s Flash ‘N Slinky Fibre and Fair Flies 5D Brushes.

A classic pattern used for striper, bass, tuna, saltwater & freshwater fish, these flies can be tied in different sizes, color patterns, and weights to target the species you’re after.


Hook: Ahrex PR320 2/0
Thread: Danville 210D Chartreuse Green
Eyes: Double Pupil Lead Eyes Chartreuse/Black Lg.
Belly: Flash’N Slinky Pink/White
Body: Fair Flies Composite Brush Sparse Shrimpy Tan/Pink
Back: Flash’N Slinky Olive/Brown
Zap A Gap

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