Tube Fly Introduction with Jay Nicholas 2020

In this blog, fly fisher Jay Nicholas explains the effectiveness of tube flies and the different parts of their anatomy. “If you can tie flies on a hook you can tie flies on a tube.” It’s really not that hard, but like all new things, you must familiarize yourself with the resources that are available. Jay does just that for you. Enjoy!

Tube Fly Intro

In this video, Jay Nicholas discusses types of tube flies, advantages using them, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to tie them.

Tube Fly Materials


In this video, Jay Nicholas discusses Pro Sportfisher’s variety of tubes for tying tube flies including the 40/40 tube, Micro (Nano) tube, and the Classic tube systems along with the Pro Sportfisher Flexineedle.

Pro Sportfisher:
40/40 Tube
Micro Tube/ Nano Tube
Classic Tube
Flexi Needle


In this video, Jay Nicholas discusses the different component options Pro Sportfisher offers including weights, cones, beads, hook guides, and much more.



In this video, Jay Nicholas reviews different hooks that could be used with tube flies.

Seated Hooks (straight eye):
Ahrex Minnow
Gamakatsu SL12S
Gamakatsu B10
Gamkatsu Glo Bug
Owner SSW

Trailing Hooks (up eye):
Owner SSW Up Eye
Gamakatsu Octopus
Aqua Talon

Rigging Hooks

In this video, Jay Nicholas shares a few ways to properly rig and seat your tube fly hooks.

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