Creative Deceiver with Popovic’s Jig Head Fly Pattern

In this video Jay ties a Creative Deceiver Fly using Popovic’s Jig Heads.

A variation to a classic, go-to pattern, the Deceiver. A great fly with lots of movement and designed to get down fast to the fish.

Try it in a variation of colors and sizes.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 2.03.06 PM

Hook: Ahrex PR320 Predator Stinger 4/0
Thread: Veevus 150D GSP
Cement: LocTite/Hard as Hull
Tail: Buck Tail
Flatwing Saddles (6)
Body: Lavender Flat Braid
First Composite Brush: Predator 2 White/Orange
Second Composite Brush: Predator Chartreuse
Head: Popovic’s Jiggy Head

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