Ten Favorite Things for Christmas and a Black Friday Deal

This Black Friday The Caddis Fly Angling Shop is offering 20% off all flies this Friday only. Stock up on your favorite patterns, create a selection for a gift, get the patterns you need for your next trip. Again all flies are 20% off for one day only. If you order online, use coupon code 20flies at checkout and the discount will be applied, if you come in the shop we will do the calculations for you.

Here are my top 10 Christmas gifts for the angler for 2019.



#1. The New Scott Sector – Hands down the best rod I have cast in a long time.


#2. Ross San Miguel – Some may remember this rediculously smooth and beautifully machined high gloss Ross Reel. If reels were fine jewelry the San Miguel is the Rolex. The San Miguel is back and available now.


#3. Dyna King Barracuda Deluxe Vise – You will have a hard time finding a better fly tying vise, hook holding, rotary, rock solid.


#4. New Tacky Fly Boxes - We have a new range of Tacky Boxes that are a no brainer gift, they are new, effective and everybody needs more than one!


#5. Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Packs in Riverbed Camo – Fishpond has nailed it with this new camo pattern. Available in backpack, lumbar, and sling.

#6. Caddis Fly Gift Certificate = available to redeem online or in store.


#7. Echo Shadow X Euro Nymphing Rod or Outfit – No question the best Euro rod for the money on the market, if you or your angler gift recipient is interested in Euro/Tight Line Nymphing the Shadow X is killer.


#8. Hareline Fly Tying Kits – A great way to get someone started in fly tying.


#9. Sage Foundation Rod Reel Line Combo – Regularly priced at $550 this great outfit is on sale for $440 until December 6th, 2019.


#10. Loon Bench Rings – Cool new fly tying organizer that makes cleaning up the bench as easy as pie.

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