October 2019 Bolivia Fly Fishing Trip

We had a great trip this October at Pluma Lodge. We booked our trip with Fly Water Travel and Untamed Angling. The jungle experience aspect of this trip is absolutely mind blowing. Spending time with the Tsimane and excellent guides at Pluma was a highlight of the trip for sure. We met Tsimane peoples that literally did not know their age! The fishing program and staff at Pluma is first class and any need that could be met was.

We got to try out some new tackle on the trip as well. Notes below.

Scott Sector Rod: Scott has absolutely hit it out of the park with their latest saltwater and big game Sector Series of rods. The Sector is the easiest loading fast action powerful rod you will cast. Golden Dorado flies are not small. We were casting huge 3/0 and 4/0 streamers all day on this trip, and the Sector excelled. Scott’s Meridian rods were superb, but the Sector is lighter and stronger. Carbon web technology adds strength and sacrifices nothing in terms of performance. If you need a new saltwater style rod this coming season, you will not do any better than the Sector.

Sage Payload: The Payload was designed to cast the big flies we were heaving for Golden Dorado, and it got the job done with ease. Not only did the Payload cast our mega streamers it was a beast when it came to fighting the predators we were after. The Sage Payload was the work horse for the sinking Jungle Tapers we used when making long casts, and swings. At $550 the Payload is a sweet big fish, big fly rod, for salt and other predators.

Lamson Speedster S Fly Reel: The Speedster S from Lamson Waterworks had plenty of drag and was incredibly light. I was a bit hesitant to get away from my Nautilus N/V reels but the Speedster S had plenty of guts without the weight.

Ahrex Hooks: The Ahrex PR320 and PR370 60 Degree hooks were fantastic hooks for the bulky streamers the group used on this trip. I had numerous streamers patterns get absolutely destroyed but the Ahrex hooks remained solid.


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