Snook Brush Tuxedo Fly with New Materials From Hareline

In this video professional fly tyer and blogger Jay Nicholas ties a simple snook fly called the Snook Brush Tuxedo Fly.

Incorporating materials from Hareline including the new Bling Rabbit Strips, Helix Flash, and Just Add H2O’s Flash Blend Baitfish Brushes Jay gives his input and years of experience discussing these new materials and how to work with them.
just-add-h20-flash-blend-baitfish-brush-5 magnum-bling-rabbit-strips-11
Hook: Ahrex PR 320
Thread: Veevus GSP 150D White
Glue: Zap A Gap
Tail: Magnum Bling Rabbit Strips
Helix Flash
Body: H2O Flash Blend Baitfish Brush

Tool: Hareline Finger Dubbing Brush
Super Flush Cutter Pliers

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